We are very excited to announce that we have now launched an award badge series for our junior members.

Our Kingston Jiu Jitsu Lineage Award Badges honour the names of the instructors that make up our historical lineage:

  • One Star Kano Badge – honouring Jigoro Kano, the legendary student of Jūjutsu who went on to found Judo
  • Two Star Maeda Badge – honouring Mitsuyo Maeda, the student of Jigoro Kano, who travelled to Brazil and taught his system of Jiu Jitsu to the Gracie family in the early 1900s
  • Three Star Gracie Badge – honouring the Gracie family who popularised Jiu Jitsu, but in particular Carlos Gracie and his son Rolls Gracie
  • Four Star Gomes Badge – honouring our very own head instructor Mauricio Gomes, who is a student of Rolls Gracie and one of the ‘famous five’ to receive a black belt from him.


Each award badge has a short syllabus comprising essential techniques that our junior students should know. There will be a video for each badge outlining the content of each test filmed by Alan that can be found on our Online Portal.

The test costs £10 to take, and when passed each student can wear their award badge with pride on their Gis!

You can sign up to book your tests here:


Kids Lineage Award Badge Test